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Forum of women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan- 20 year of work for women’s rights


More than 80 women’s organizations from all over the country became members of the network of the Forum of women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan.


More than 150 projects on women’s rights are implemented.


More 5000 women passed training of the Forum of women’s NGOs of  Kyrgyzstan.


Program “Women’s participation in political processes” is developed and is in successful progress.


12 parallel events are held in New York in UN during the sessions of the Commission on the Status of Women.


Two shadow report s on CEDAW implementation in Kyrgyzstan are prepared and submitted to UN CEDAW Committee.


Annually monitoring is held on the implementation of the UN Convention on elimination of all forms of discrimination of women and the Beijing Platform for Action.


Series of forums, training are held in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia  on aid and development effectiveness.


A shadow report is prepared on implementation of the Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda For Action.


Forum of women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan issues and disseminates a newsletter “Joogazyn” since 1994.


In 2005 a special Consultative status was received in the ECOSOC UN.


Forum of women’s NGOs of  Kyrgyzstan is a member of diverse networks on women’s rights and CSOs.

Forum of women’s NGOs on its 20th anniversary received congratulations from donor’s represantative:  Marcel Van Der Heijden — International Development organization Hivos  <<<here>>>  and Global Fund for Women <<<here>>>