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60th session

 CSW 60th session

The NGO CSW60 session will take place in New York simultaneously with the 60th Session of the Commission for the Status of Women (CSW60) from 14 to 24 MARCH 2016. The Priority theme for CSW60 is: »Women’s empowerment and its link to sustainable development.»  For more information on the NGO CSW60 Forum check the NGO CSW/NY website (NGOCSW.ORG) regularly and for information regarding the Commission:

Forum of women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan will hold CIS countries Session on 15 March 2016  “Means of Implementation for reaching gender equality in SDG”  at 16:30 AM – 18:00 PM, Room 2, Thai Cultural Center (TCC) located at the  310 of 44th Street. Suite #L (between 1st and 2nd Ave)

Event Description: The session will put questions – what do Means of implementation (MO) mean practically for women’s rights and gender equality at country levels; What concrete new perspective they open for women’s organizations; How to effectively participate in the national level planning of MO; Challenges and opportunities for mobilization of resources, at global, national and local levels for further implementation of the BPFA and to achieving the Goal 5 in SDGs,  Post 2015 period. Agenda will include discussion of role of women’s funds in the region, mobilization of resources for these funds.

 Speakers will come from women’s networks, women’s funds from the region and globe.  Questions of capacity building of diverse actors for raising resources for women’s groups will be discussed too. Cooperation of women’s groups for support of new country strategies in the region needs special attention and needs input from women’s organizations and donors agencies. Role of ODA in financing gender equality and women’s rights is an integral part of discussions. Financial accountability for gender equality and women’s rights in the context of the SDGs at national, regional is one challenges and require input form women’s movement in the region. Speakers will share practical ideas on better financing of women’s rights and needs. Participants will discuss the call for strong accountability for financial commitments for women’s rights implementation from financial institutions and private sector, and strengthening of women’s role in this process. 

 Participants of the session will discuss recommendations related to further advocacy and lobbying of effective means of implementation, strong accountability for financial commitments during the SDGs implementation. 

Key Dates 
  • Online Free Registration to ATTEND: will open on 11 NOVEMBER, 2015 and the deadline to register is 27 JANUARY, 2016
  • Online Registration & Application for PARALLEL EVENTS: will open on 2 NOVEMBER, 2015 and the deadline is 11 DECEMBER, 2015
  • Online Registration for HANDBOOK ADS will open on 8 NOVEMBER, 2015 and
    • the deadline  for Print Ads is 31 JANUARY 2016
    • the deadline for Online Ads is 7 MARCH, 2016
  • Online Registration for the ARTISAN FAIR will open on 8 NOVEMBER, 2015 and the deadline is 31 JANUARY 2016.
    • Note: there will be a $25.00 fee to register.