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Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan (FWNGO) was set up in 1994. The Forum of women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan was created to provide assistance to women’s NGOs via development of a network as well as opportunities for mutual cooperation. On the 4th April 1996 the Forum was registered in the Ministry of Justice as a non-profit non-governmental organization of the republican level.   It was re-registered on 10th October 2005 (required according to the new law on civil society organizations) in the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic.

In 2005 FWNGO was given a special consultative status with UN ECOSOC.


Today the Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan unites more then 85 NGOs in Kyrgyzstan with various missions.  It is a founder and regional coordinator of the Central Asian Forum of Women’s NGOs and a member of AWID, APWW, APWLD, RoA, APRN, Karat Coalition and VAW monitors network. An idea of regular meetings in the form of  Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan as a way of women’s joint work with the purpose of information exchange and mutual assistance and consolidation was supported by several women’s groups.


Main areas of the Forum’s activity are included joining of the activities of women’s NGOs, development of women’s networking and training in Kyrgyzstan and in Central Asia, advocacy and lobbying women’s issues, provision of the complex of consultative services to all organization and private individuals dealing with gender issues, publication of newsletter for women, protection of women’s human rights, development  and holding educational training effective programs, promoting women’s advancement, their adaptation to new social conditions, organizations and holding of conference, workshop,  seminars.

Consolidation was reached not only in the area of information and experience exchange, but in joint efforts making our collective voices visible.


Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan makes its contribution to the advancement of women’s rights in various forms.

-      through strengthening women’s NGOs organizational capacity development during 14 years

-      through strengthening networking among women’s NGOs

-      increasing monitoring knowledge and skills among women’s NGOs in the area of violence against women

-      raising and protecting women’s political rights (Forum’s program on Women’s participation in political processes)

-      combating resistance to women’s political participation

-      engendering agenda and program of political parties (political party “Maya Strana”)

-      organization of the 50 days campaign on women’s political empowerment in Kyrgyzstan in 2007

-      setting up of women’s thematic networks (on women and decision-making, VAW, women and economy)

-      dissemination of information on women’s issues in Forum monthly newsletter Joogazyn during 13 years, in Forum’s publications, Forum’s flyers

-      monitoring BPFA, CEDAW, UN SCR 1325, MDGs

-      sending joint Appeals and statements to State (Parliament, Governors, national councils)

-      raising Kyrgyzstan and Central Asian women’s issues at UN CSW (organization of parallel events at 50th CSW session on Women’s participation in political processes in Central Asia, International laws and women’s participation in political processes at 53 session of the CSW UN in 2009), at AWID Forum, at APWW and APWLD events


Mission of the Forum of women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan:

Forum’s basic mission is the consolidation and strengthening of women’s NGOs for advancement of women, gender equality in society, women’s empowerment, increase of women’s participation in public life through their organizations and NGOs.

As part of this mission Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan contributed to women’s organizations’ capacity development, organization of active networking in Kyrgyzstan and in Central Asia, promotion of integration of women’s activism into the global trend of women’s movement.




The Forum of women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan addresses a need in improvement of the status of Kyrgyzstan women, creation of a better environment for more active involvement of women’s NGOs in the building civil society development and strengthening of women’s NGOs’ capacity.





v    Gender equality

v    Empowerment of women

v    Consolidation of a women’s movement

v    Development of women’s NGOs capacity

v    Protection of Women’s rights






  • Women’s   participation    in    political
  • Violence against women
  • Women and Economy
  • Women’s Human rights
  • Women and Security
  • Cross cutting initiatives (Monitoring of the implementation of BPFA, CEDAW and national legislation and plans)
  • Network consolidation



Structure  and team


Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan has the following structure and team:

 Three programs: Women’s participation in political processes (WPPP), Violence against women (VAW), Women and economy, Women’s Human rights, Cross cutting initiatives, Network consolidation.  Operational units:  Consolidation and training center, press center (information  dissemination and newsletter dissemination).

Coordination Council  is a management and monitoring body of the FWNGO.

Board of women leaders’ network – representative from all provinces, one chair and two co-chairs.

Task Forces – network divisions by program themes.



  Forum’s team

Dr. Nurgul Djanaeva – president of the Forum of women’s  NGOs of Kyrgyzstan

Bermet Stakeeva – program officer on VAW

Chinara Kartanbaeva — program officer on Women and politics

Zarima Koichumanova- coordinator of youth wing, communication officer

Asel Djasybaeva- program assistant






of the Forum of women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan

Olga Djanaeva

Head of women’s NGO «Alga»

Damira Raimbekova

Tup initiative group of women

Bubumairam Sarieva

Chair  of the Chui women’s NGO «Epkin»

Nurgul Djanaeva

President of the Forum of Women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan

Gulipa Borbieva

Director of the Public

Association «Meerban»

Avazkan Ormonova

Director of the Public Fund «DIA»

Sveta Sayakbaeva

Director of the public

organization  «Tendesh»