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Shadow report of the Forum of women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan


Forum of women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan has developed shadow  report on CEDAW implementation by the state of Kyrgyzstan  in cooperation with  women’s NGOs from all Kyrgyzstan provinces as monitors with data collection and interviews.


Data on violence against women is based on Forum of Women’s NGOs Monitoring of Violence Against Women in all regions of Kyrgyzstan in the period of September 2005 – May2007. A team of monitors conducted interviews, surveyed local, polices officers, staff at prosecutor’s office, medical workers, workers of social agencies. Monitoring of the women’s political participation was done during 2004 – 2007 and was implemented by Forum’s staff.


Report includes statistical and analytical data.


Shadow report of the Forum of women’s NGOs of Kyrgyzstan focused on two crucial issues related to discriminatory practices against women, which include: 1 – violence against women with concentration on domestic violence, 2- Women’s participation in political processes.


The report is reflecting also country actions to address Concluding comments from the CEDAW committee of 2004.


The monitoring findings and an initial report were presented three times: to Parliament and State officials in February 2008, to women’s NGOs in March and April. It was widely disseminated among interested parties.


Download Shadow report to the 42nd CEDAW Session (1269)