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State National Plan of Action

Confirmation of the country’s commitment to address gender issues is the adoption of specialized national programs. In the first phase by Presidential Decree on March 6, 1996 № 94 was adopted a  national program «Ayalzat» (1996-2000), based on the directions of the Beijing Platform for Action, and focused on improving the status of women, the fundamentals of the institutionalization of the gender policy. Cost of the program called for the first time were included in the national budget, the responsibility for its implementation rests with the ministries, departments, local state administrations and local governments, increased representation of women in parliament and government.


The second phase of the gender agenda of the country became National Plan Action (NPA), approved by Presidential Decree of 2 March 2002, № 52, which was focused on the formation of gender equality policy.

Presidential Decree of August 20, 2007 № 369 was adopted by the Second NPA on Gender Equality in the Kyrgyz Republic for 2007-2010, which was the fundamental document defining the state gender policy, its goals, objectives and principles, directions and priorities of the Country Development Strategy for 2007-2010.



Third  NPA  was adopted  27  June 2012 Government of  the Kyrgyz Republic № 443.


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